15 Legit Companies Offering Data Entry Jobs in 2019

15 Legit Companies Offering Data Entry Jobs in 2019

  1. SigTrack

Sigtrack is a database application that links grassroots campaigns with crowdsourced data entry freelancers. SigTrack is a platform which provides legitimate home-based data entry jobs only for freelancers based in the U.S.

2. Axion Data Entry Services

Axion Data Entry Service is a company who hires skilled data entry clerks. you can also hire the professionals at Axion Data Entry Services. Axion Data Entry Services pays its data entry operators on a per piece basis, which varies based on the complexity of the project.

3. Q-Centrix

Q-Centrix offers unique solutions that combine the technology and team needed to lift the burden and optimize the value of quality data.

Since 2011, Q-Centrix partnered with more than 550 hospitals to:

  • Capture, validate, and submit accurate, complete data to third parties
  • Free physicians and clinical teams to spend more time improving or delivering patient care
  • Avoid CMS financial penalties and take advantage of incentive payments
  • Improve quality and patient outcomes

4. Cass Information Systems Inc.

Cass manages invoices, makes supplier payments and delivers detailed information and reporting for freight, telecom, cloud, utilities, and waste costs.

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15 Legit Companies Offering Data Entry Jobs in 2019 – FemiGraph

November 1, 2019 at 5:11 pm

[…] One of the biggest challenges for organizations is organizing large data into useful information and data entry experts play an important role in ensuring that data is converted to information, some of the functions of data entry professionals include maintenance of records and databases, information organization and management. improper data entry job is capable of causing serious damage to an organization Read More […]

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