7 tips on how to get more clients as a freelancer

how to get more clients as a freelancer

In this post, you will learn about seven (7) things you can do to get more clients or jobs as a freelancer.

Having worked as a freelancer and digital marketing expert in Nigeria, I have discovered the importance of standing out from your competitors in the world of freelance and business in general.

without further ado, here are seven(7) things you can do to get more jobs as a freelancer.

Note that the first step is having a perfect Resume/Curriculum Vitae(CV) that clients love.

1. Build a relationship: Apart from meeting client needs through your products or services, it is important to build a relationship with clients, you must care about your clients and how your services solve their problem. engage with clients at different levels and engage with them at their pain points.

2. Built trust: People only buy or do business with people whom they trust, create an atmosphere that fosters trust. One way to build trust is to be transparent with your offers, pricing, and services.

3. Show professionalism: It is extremely important to always show professionalism as you conduct your business, from your communication to service delivery, professionalism will increase your worth and also increase trust.

4. Be the expert: Position yourself as an expert in your domain. It is essential to always exhibit a certain level of expertise in your domain because everyone wants to work with the very best at the cheapest rate.

5. Get testimonials: A lot of freelancers don’t know how to leverage the power of testimonials. Testimonials can increase your chances of getting more jobs and clients. 

6. Offer incentives: in the form of freebies, business advice, or free consultation services can help prospective clients make up their mind to do business with you as a freelancer.

7. Feedback is king: A lot of freelancers don’t ask for feedback from clients. Listen for feedback from friends, clients, and team members and act on the feedback because one happy client is equal to a return customer or source of referral.

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