Is Appen still the best place to find remote jobs in 2019?

In the past, Appen has been featured as one of the best companies hiring remote workers, but is Appen still the best place to find remote jobs in 2019?

To answer the question without bias, let us first examine some factors to be considered before choosing a remote job and also do a comparison.

finding remote jobs in 2019

1. flexibility: flexibility is one factor that remote workers treasure, the ability to work within a flexible time frame is king and the most important criteria for most remote job seekers. the question is, how flexible is Appen in 2019 and in the future.

2. Job availability: This is a major issue among many companies offering remote jobs, in 2019, a lot of companies (including Appen) have experienced a massive reduction in jobs which has impacted the workers negatively in most cases.

3. Method of payment: the method of payment is also a very important factor to be considered before accepting a remote job, Many developing countries find it challenging getting paid after working remotely, some payment solution providers like Payooner have done a lot to solve this problem. Appen has several methods of payment which include Payoneer. This is where Appen wins over competitors who don’t use Payoneer as a method of payment.

4. Support: Remote jobs with inadequate support can be frustrating, not to mention any names, but Appen shines when it comes to support, Appen has a dedicated support team that typically replies to queries within twenty-four (24) hours.

5. Competitiveness: This is where pay and hourly rate comes in, what is the pay per hour in comparison with other competitors? 

Looking at all these factors, do you think Appen is still one of the best places to find remote jobs in 2019?

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