Finding your uniqueness in the freelance space.

how to find your uniqueness and stand out

Finding your uniqueness in the freelance space is important to remain competitive as a freelancer, it gives your potential customers the right reason to hire you by letting them know what makes you special.

WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE? ! This question, in my opinion is the most important question to answer correctly before seeking to become a freelancer.

There are a ton of freelance websites like freelancer, fiverr, and many more with lots of people willing to do the same job at a cheaper price.

This post is aimed at exposing few tips to help you find your uniqueness and become the most preferred candidate for the job.

1. Do your research !!!

know yourself and know your compititors.

This first step of research is the most important, every other step relies on it. if you intend to go into freelance, do your research ! but, what exactly should you research? The next paragraph has the answers.

Do a research on the field (e.g. software development, machine learning, digital marketing, or any skill you have) and it’s current trends. also, do a research on possible competitors (check their profile, see their bio, check their websites and any information you can find about them, including the positives and negatives.

2. Proposition Statement

Get your value proposition right before you apply for the next job. your proposition statement clarifies your mission and vision. what do you want to do for your customer and how do you intend to do it? This is the road to finding your uniqueness.

3. Show your customers proof of your work.

Many freelancer make this mistake, they do not show proof of their work. so, you say you are a writer? let your past articles speak for you. let your past designs do the talking, let your results do the marketing. stop trying to sell every time, rather find your uniqueness and showcase it instead.

4. Be Customer-centric

Apply the See Think Do Care Model and be Customer-centric
See Think Do Care (STDC) model

there are different stages in a customer’s journey known as STDC

S- See Stage

The see stage refers to customers who know nothing about your product or service, they’ve just seen your ad online. this is an awareness stage.

T – Think stage

customers in the think stage are the once that initiate and engage with you after seeing your product or service, at this stage they are not ready to buy, they are just thinking about your product or service. it is not all about you and your product or service. you must become customer-centric…. Stop trying to sell something every time!!!

D – Do Stage
Customers in the do stage are ready to buy, they are the once that start comparing your price with other competitors. this is where you need to present your uniqueness, maybe a form of discount or an added feature for customers who purchase your product or service.

C – care stage
Now the care stage refers to customers who have patronized you at a point in time. you must continue to provide support in an engaging manner to customers, A basic rule to follow is; at any stage in the customer’s journey, be Customer-centric. stop trying to sell every time. learn all about being customer-centric by taking The Digital Marketing transformation Course on Google’s Platform

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