Secrets to successful Job search: 9 things you can do differently

1. Revamp your CV

A curriculum vitae is simply a document that summarizes the information of a job seeker. A good CV must include information such as name, address, contact, skills, work experience, and other relevant information which show that you are qualified for the post you are seeking to be hired.

Check out these tips on how to write a good resume/curriculum vitae

Most companies require a curriculum vitae (CV) in order to hire a job seeker, and the content of a CV determines if the recruiter would proceed further with an application and invite the job seeker for an interview.

2. Write strategic cover letters

Most times, it is advisable to attach a cover letter when sending your CV to a recruiter and there is a proper way to do it, A properly written cover letter gives you 90% chance of getting that job!

check out this free course to learn how to craft your cover letter

3. Learn new and profitable in-demand skills

Times have changed very quickly, technology has also evolved and there is need for acquisition of in-demand skill to remain relevant in today’s job market.

4. Sign up for job alerts

Stay updated by signing up for latest job alerts on moreworkonline and also follow us on facebook, reddit, youtube, twitter and linkedin, to see latest job openings.

5. Use Social Media as a marketing channel

Social media a such a great marketing tool to showcase your skills and also find remote job opportunities.

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6. Have a professional LinkedIn account

Ensure that you have a professional linkedin account that shows your core competence and your experiences, recruiters search linkedin for suitable candidates.

7. Create an online profile/presence

The right online presence is golden, personal branding (online) will increase your chances of getting hired. Quora is a good place to build authority and personal brand by answering question in your field and helping people solve problems.

8. Build a website/blog

While building a website may prove prohibitively high for beginners in terms skills and cash, there are so many free options that give you the same feel as a website and adds an extra layer of professionalism.

wordpress offers the opportunity to quickly build free websites that have wordpress extension in their domain name.

9. Be Spontaneous

Do Not Wait !!! apply for jobs as they come, beginner freelancers make the mistake of saving application for later, it is important to note that job search is highly competitive and recruiters are looking to hire on time and get the job done. don’t keep an application for later, be spontaneous, check our job portal and start applying now.

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