how to write A good Resume or CV to increase your chances of getting hired.

A good resume can increase your chances of getting any job, be it Remote or in-office and learning how to write a good CV is a must have skill for both remote and in-office Job seekers.

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What is A Resume?

A resume also know as Curriculum Vitae (CV) can simply be defined a document (mostly one to two page) that summarizes a Job Seekers qualifications in relation to the Job they are, Job seekers can use a Resume or CV as a marketing tool communicate their value and why the company should hire them and learning how to write a good resume or CV is a must have skill for any Job Seeker.

Who needs a Resume / CV?

Short answer is, Every Job Seeker needs a good resume and Remote Job seekers even need a better resume! In the rest of this post, I will outline the contents of a good Resume/CV and sample resume template for different Remote Job Positions.

Content(s) of good Resumes or CVs

A good resume is a summary of the most valuable information of a Job Seeker which an employer need to know in order to hire him or her. Relevant information such as qualifications, training, and work history of the Job seeker are listed under different sections of the Resume/CV. These sections my include; “BIO or Contact Information”, “Summary of Qualifications”, “Education”, “Professional Experience”. A typical resume/CV will include the following:

  • Contact information

Contact information section should contain the name, address, phone numbers, and email of the Job seeker.

  • Summary of Qualifications / Objectives

Summary of Qualifications section should contain Relevant and impressive qualifications for the desired position, it usually goes directly under the contact information section.

  • Professional Experience / Work History

The work history section is crucial and important, it should list Present and/or past employment, including dates, companies, job titles, and relevant skills and accomplishments.

  • Education

The education section should list the Job seeker’s highest level of education completed.

Download Free Resume Template Here or read this post to help you find your first remote Job.

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